Four Design Ideas

There are so many do's and don'ts regarding interior design and it's quite confusing. Can I mix patterns? Does each room need to be the same color?  On and on.  

Here's a short list of ideas that I think are essential in decorating your space. 

1. Choose paint and fabric colors that you look good in, why would you not want to look your best in your personal space?  Which blouse looks best on you and highlights your personal beauty seashell pink, kelly green, royal blue? Consider what clothing makes you feel fantastic as a starting point when selecting paint and fabrics.  

2. Do YOU. Your space needs to feel like you. You don't live in a stark museum and your personal space shouldn't feel that way.  The internet is brimming with overly edited interiors that can make you feel incompetent when decorating.  If your Insta feed is filled with preppy pink, green and chinoiserie and that just isn't you, DON'T DO IT.  If the style doesn't reflect your personality, you won't feel at ease and comfortable. Design with what feels good and reflects your personality  and you can't go wrong.

3. Start a book collection.  When I was young my mother used to say "a house is not a home without volumes." Of course I rolled my eyes! Once again, mom was right.  Stunning hardbacks are game changers.  The titles are endless vintage airplanes, gemstones, fashion, gardening you name it.  There is something peaceful and soulful about holding the spine of a book versus a screen.  These collections won't happen overnight and that's ok.  As you age your interests change.  Allow your volumes to grow with you. 

4. Pick a palette.  Clearly each room doesn't have to look like the last but there needs to be consistency.  Using red white and blue, not everything HAS to be these colors, but it's easier on the eyes and mind when there is repetition.  Red, white and blue should be noticeable in each space.  For example: a red sofa in the living room will play well with the toss pillows in a family room and the Asian style rug in a foyer.  A high gloss blue foyer makes a statement of a vibrant home, but that brilliance will be overwhelming if applied in each room.  Instead use that blue on dining chair fabric, bed linens in the master.  You get the idea.  Be consistent, but not dull, throw in that crazy yellow velvet side chair and love your space!