How Do Y'all Do Fall?

In South Carolina we usually don't get a long autumn season, it goes from 90 to 40 sometimes overnight. Taking that into consideration it's often hard to get into the autumn spirit with decorating.  However I still like to acknowledge the season and tweak some spaces to trick my mind into thinking it's fall - LOL. 

I'm not a pumpkin spice latte gal and the smell of vanilla makes me cringe.  I prefer crisp apple, cinnamon and clove scents to consume our abode.  Changing scents truly makes a difference in how our home feels.  It can smell of fall even if we are still wearing flip flops.  Another change I make are the pillows and throws in our living areas.  My family laughs at the abundance of pillows in the attic and how I am ALWAYS on the hunt for more! But I don't want to see bright pink and green when the season changes.  I start with my go-to, orange and build around it with teal and red and of course my year round fav, leopard print. Pumpkins are the tell tale sign of autumn and there are always lots around our home, glass, ceramic and of course real ones. 

Switching out incidentals is an easy way to welcome a new season and acknowledge the holidays are fast approaching. So, how do y'all do fall?